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by Amit Buium

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My first complete LP. Written and recorded between September 2014 to February 2016, at first it was a side project while I worked on another album, but then Void became a full-length album. The other album will be released too, though!

"At the moment the debut album by Amit Buium is a definitive candidate to be appeared in the list of the best issues in 2016."

"The Israeli teen’s debut album is an impressive debut indicative of a remarkable new music talent."

" It is quite possibly the darkest dream-pop I have heard in a long time and I love it everything about it."

"I’m even more pleased when the music is so interesting and intricate as with the “Void” album."


released February 21, 2016

Amit Buium - Synthesizers, keyboards, guitars, drum programming, Casio PT-30, songwriting, vocals.
Daniel Ferber and Ziv Shachar - Additional vocals (track 3)

Production Credits:
Amit Buium - Production, mixing, artwork design
Daniel Ferber - Co-production and mixing
Ziv Shachar - Co-production and mixing

Special thanks to Daniel Ferber and Ziv Shachar ( for helping me out in recording and mixing the tracks.



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Amit Buium Israel

Debut LP 'Void' is out now!
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Track Name: Void
You're floating in void, you're numb to your bones. You won't feel anymore, unlock your own doors, be one of the pawns. A wheel that is stuck, a will that is burned. To be one with the soil, to preach and to recoil, to be covered in dirt.
You're sleeping in void, you become humanoid. You wake up from a dream, silently scream, you will be filled with void.
Track Name: Landscapes
In my visions I saw a glacial sky and quarries and dotted hills, with deserts and evergreens melt together, snowy mountains and endless seas. I felt the sudden coldness of Europe and the dry earth, then we watched that beautiful, glowing night. And it all melts together in my mind, I won't ever forget these sights.
Everything is sacred and we'll unbond the pack, everything is sacred and there's no turning back, everything is sacred and statues will crumble, everything is sacred but ourselves.
And as I stare at the endless landscapes I pity for those who can't speak. But if you're doomed to eternal chains, you know that you are, in fact, too weak.
Track Name: Homesickness
Homesickness is longing to something that does not exist; when you want to hide so badly that it wrecks you inside and eventually destroys you, because it doesn't matter why, you just want to grasp at something that is lost for a long time. And you find it hard to stay stable, you find it hard to stay awake.

All I ever wanted was to feel safe and warm,
All I ever wanted was just to feel at home.
Track Name: Rain
So it seems that the rivers are frozen and new storms are heading our way. Seasons are changing, years are passing, but water is freezing, springs are freezing. Breathing is nearly impossible on high mountains. Trains are crashing! the grass gathers the raindrops. Oh, the raindrops are heavy. Why can't they collide with the rivers?
Slowly, surely, whatever you want. Ache shuts me down and I play no games. Caves are melting! no shelter can be seen. "Let winter paint creases on your face". And yes, I still feel that way, and playing self destruction is no fun. But as I said, I play no games, and I don't want to take part in this race.
Heavy clouds are the sign something good must happen now. No thoughts about reunion or a blue sky, this is happening now, something meaningful. Being addicted to memories is paralyzing and disappointing, but pointless. Seasons are chaning, years are passing, and no miracle will occur.
I'll build my own cabin, it will be on the mountains and it will be made of woods. We'll rest by the fire, release our tired bones with a radically different mood. But expectations have to disappoint and now my back is against the wall, why the nature of the first rain allows these teardrops to fall?
Track Name: Soon
"Soon you'll be one of us" she said and I vaguely smiled.
Soon my reflection will be clear.

And it's anything but void, the madhouse begins to burn, and I know that something good will happen sometime soon.
Track Name: Cheated
Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? cause I do. Red lights and slowly being pushed to the side, believing your own god-damned deadly lies, I should have known that something is wrong. I don't want to feel guilty because of their crimes. I don't want to say 'I'm sorry' because of their mistakes. I wish someone was here to hold me, my angst is too real to be faked.
A door after door after is locked and I've got nowhere else to turn to. Being somebody's pet is a bliss for the framed one, but I guess that the broken frames are you. I don't want to promise things I cannot do. I don't want to feel the blood inside my head. I wish someone was here to say 'your angst is real my friend.'